Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful: Bid Adieu To Hatred

Mignon McLaughlin talked about hatred leaving ugly scars and love leaving beautiful ones. While she DOES make a valid point, but for me, LOVE does not leave any scars.

If you pass me my dictionary, a scar is not associated with something positive. Perhaps love leaves a beautiful imprint, but not a scar.

Hatred is a strong word, my friend. I have sailed on that boat, and it did not take me to the most wonderful place. Love is beautiful, life is wonderful — where’s the space for hatred?

Here’s something I have for you today — a comprehensive article that talks about hatred and love. Should you live with hatred? What does Mignon McLaughlin mean by hatred leaving ugly scars and love leaving beautiful ones?

Hatred Drains Your Energy Whereas Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful

There was a time when I held certain words against people. Holding on to words, name-calling, blame-games, and bringing others down is not humane.

Do you want to leave the world with hatred in your heart? It will not matter after a point of time. Hatred is one sure-shot way of draining all your energy. When you hate someone, you spy on them and do not wish well. Your mind is constantly thinking of all the evil things you could do them.

Hatred makes you think of negative things, and kills your time unnecessarily. Now, Mignon McLaughlin said that hatred leaves ugly scars and love leaves beautiful ones. While love does not leave scars, but she was referring to the mental scars.

You will find plenty of love is life quotes all over the internet. That’s because people respond well to love, but hatred is just a waste of energy and time.

Carrying Hatred in Your Heart is a Burden

I heard a story long back and would like to share it with all the young minds. There was a kindergarten teacher and she asked all the students to fill a plastic bag with potatoes. She asked the students to write names on each of the potato. Now, the names would be of people they hate. If the child hated more people, they would have more potatoes in their bag.

She asked them to carry the potato-filled bag for the rest of the week. Some potatoes started rotting and smelling. Also, it started getting heavier for the kids.

After a week, the teacher asked how they felt after carrying the bag full of potatoes. The students complained and made faces. She told them that when you hate someone, you carry the baggage with you. It leaves a negative effect on your heart for the rest of your life.

If the students could not handle the smell of the rotten potatoes for a week — how would they live with hatred for the rest of their lives?

Hence, you must NEVER let hatred grow in your heart. What’s the solution? I’ll tell you!

How to Say NO To Hatred?

My dear readers,

If you have a dislike for someone, ask yourself WHY you dislike the person.

Secondly, you must go and communicate. Is there a way you can make peace with that person? You could talk about the differences between you two.

By secretly or openly hating someone, you are carrying the burden on your shoulder and head. Love is beautiful, life is wonderful — why should you have bitter feelings in your heart?

If it is a friend, relative, boss, or even colleague — point out the problem and be willing to hear their side of the story.

The day you get rid of the burden inside your heart, you will forever bid adieu to hatred.

Love Makes You a Better Person

The day you get rid of feelings of hatred, you will feel lighter in your head. If you do not like someone for some reason, speak to them and get rid of the differences. Maybe you will not be best friends for life, but the complaints and anger in your heart will be out forever.

Please remember that love will only make you a better person.

Show Me Some Love

Now that you know about the power of love, show some love to this article and send it to all your friends and relatives.

Leave a comment if you have a story to share. But, make sure you diminish all the differences and dislike towards someone.

Living with hatred leaves ugly mental scars, but clearing out things and learning to love everyone will always leave a positive impact.

Originally published at on December 24, 2020.




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