Kindness Is The Best Way To Communicate

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2 min readFeb 29, 2024
“Kindness — A language which the dumb can speak, and the deaf can understand.” ― Christian Nestell Bovee

Communication is a complex process that a lot of us fail to comprehend in its entirety. We find it difficult to state our emotions through words, verbal action or the like.

Only a handful of us are skilled to send or decipher messages in a form that is simple and easily understandable. These people are blessed as they have mastered the art of communication.

Kindness is such a way in which we can reach a mass easily, as it is a language understood by all. Even a tough person showing no emotions melts easily when you show a bit of kindness towards them.

Here are a number of ways in which you can reach out to people through Kindness:

1. Act through Love and Kindness

Each of your actions on a daily basis can be created via love and kindness. Make sure that you put a lot of passion and love in the work you create. This is the only way to be fully present during your day.

Conscious attempts to fill your day with love can make your day a lovely one. For eg.- When you are conversing with a person, make it your responsibility to shower them with love in all forms possible.

Let them know you are loved and in the process you will receive appreciation and kindness from them.

2. Praise Someone who needs to know their Worth

Often, we forget to acknowledge a person’s contribution in their field of work or any small thing they have done for us.

Make them know they are loved and that their efforts are well-appreciated. This will make their day instantly!

Don’t you want to be the Santa Clause for adults struggling through life?

3. Help an Elderly Person

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