Feminism and the Power Game — 5 Ways of Empowering Women by Women

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What does war look like? Thousands of men, running towards the front line with loaded guns in their hands; bloodied soldiers crawling on the ground or it might look like a very powerful looking man giving an exceptionally influential speech to motivate his men to fight and not quit.

One thing people of the 21st century always associate with wars — ‘let the bygones be bygones!’ But what if I can point out the ongoing war happening around you, everywhere, all the time?

Maybe, if you eavesdrop on your sister’s room right now, you might get a sneak peek of that war as well.

Feminism. The constant struggle between Patriarchy and Women. The tug of war between power and establishment of gender as a human being. The power to control half of the population of the world. The power to control a whole gender’s choice of clothing, childbirth, education, job and the list is never-ending.

Now, it might be confusing as to what does feminism and patriarchy has to do with power? Feminism and the power game does not go hand in hand because one is a social issue and another one is political.

Let us throw some light on that, shall we?

Feminism and the Power Game — A Socio-Political Issue

Although the people of the 21st century might be completely ignorant of the fact that feminism took birth as a legal and political revolt against in the Middle age Europe. As time has passed, feminism has become more like a social issue than it is political.

With the end of the colonial rule in the 19th century, the women’s right was globally recognised and women were given the fundamental rights to vote, inherited through the Geneva Convention.

After this incident, feminism and the power game of patriarchy became more subtle and feminism started entering the homes of the people. The women started taking their stance against the misogynistic concepts and became financially independent.

However, it isn’t that easy to eradicate such an age-old form of conceptualised patriarchy from the minds of the women, is it? Even the slaves did not understand what to do once slavery ended by law.

Like the life of a prisoner who has spent 30 years of his life in jail, does not understand his purpose of life once free, feminism as a concept worked in the same way to the women. And in between all these confusions, the tug of war between feminism and the power game still existed in its full glory.

The Balance of Feminism — What Does It Mean?

It is a very basic misunderstanding where people confuse feminism with matriarchy; a simple shift of power from one gender to another gender. No. Feminism is essentially a system unescorted by any sort of power game.

The balance of feminism simply voices for the ‘having the choice or having the right to say in favour of the women.

With the balance of feminism, no gender controls the other one, no gender would be considered superior and no gender shall take the advantage of society and the job market.

5 Simple Ways for Women to Reclaim their Power

1. As Roseanne Barr has rightly said and asked of women to take the power to control yourself in your hand. The male of your life shall not and must not have the wand to dictate you as per their preferences.

It should you and only you, making choices for your life. While this approach is essentially attached to the first wave of feminism, it still is one of the necessary steps to establish the rightful power over your own life.

2. Be your boss and take back what is yours, proudly. Do not rely on someone else to determine your schedule or your work position or any other decision that defines who you are.

In order to be independent, women should be financially independent. Hence, although feminism is about having the choice, financial stability should never be an option for the back of the folders.

3. Protect your standard and your energy. You should never settle or compromise with people who do not respect you or abuse you in any way. Do not accept anything less than what you deserve.

The years of anthropological and societal distinction has made leadership an alien concept for the women in general and from several research it can be seen that statistically women are behind in leadership. It is the time to reverse the situation and take control.

4. See yourself in control. Be it home or anywhere else, put yourself in front and handle situations that are supposed to be a man’s job.

5. Support your own kind and support each other. Help in building up other women instead of taking them down due to petty jealousy. Build your community and evolve.


Although it might seem that nothing is changing in our society, things are slowly changing one step at a time. People are absorbing more into the concept of feminism and equal gender rights.

The day might a far away when there will be no difference between a man and a woman, but the day is approaching — slowly but steadily!

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