Educational Reformer Horace Mann — The Father of American Public Education

Educational Reformer Horace Mann — The Father of American Public Education

Quick Facts

  • Name: Horace Mann
  • Also Known As: The Father of American Public Education
  • Famous For: Inventing the modern-day Public School System
  • Born On: 4 May 1796
  • Place of Birth: Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
  • Died On: 2 August 1859
  • Education: Brown University, Litchfield Law School
  • Profession: Lawyer, Educator, College President
  • Parents: Thomas Mann (father), Rebecca Stanley Mann (mother)
  • Spouses: Charlotte Messer (m. 1830–1832), Mary Tyler Peabody Mann (m. 1843–1859)
  • Children: Horace Mann Jr., George Combe Mann, Benjamin Pickman Mann
Educational Reformer Horace Mann

Early Life and Childhood

Lesser-Known Facts about Horace Mann

  • He is known as the “the father of American public education”.
  • He attended formal education only six times in a year.
  • He was the father of the teaching profession.
  • He tried to recreate the German schooling system in the U.S.
  • He was an abolitionist who advocated for equal rights among men and women.



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