Education: The Asset in Exploring Our Intellect and Building Our Character

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” ― Malcolm Forbes

As it is so rightly said, “Education is an endless process”. From the very birth till the death of a human being, he just learns and learns. There is no age bar regarding this issue.

But do all of the individual give proper value and importance to the ways he is educated from the start?

Do we really inculcate the most important values that are crucial to live a successful life?

Well, the education system throughout the world is critically responsible for each and every asset of a person’s personality and his reason for living a life.

It is no rocket science that the main purpose of proper education is to replace an empty mind with an open one; exploring the intellect level and building one’s character.

The Basic Motive of Exploring Our Intellect

Well, proper education is often misunderstood to be only the education provided once one gets into a school or college. It is totally untrue.

The education starts from the very birth of a person. The parental education holds key in shaping the humanity level and true existence of a person.

The exploration of intellect is successfully done if one gets good quality teaching and education from his or her school.

No one is born with a genius mind.

There exists room for each and everyone for us to excel intellectually if we are provided the proper education right from the start.

How Proper Education Helps in Building Our Character

Replacing one empty mind with an open one means that courtesy of proper education, the mentality and attitude to react to each and every situation in the life is enhanced.

It is the quality of parental education that defines one’s character and his worth of existence in this very world.

In addition to exploring the intellect level, the education holds key responsibility in building our character.

The True Value of Education Holds in Shaping One’s Life

It can be undoubtedly said that proper education is the key of life and one should never feel old in order to get education. It is truly an endless process, which helps in building our character.

Those who manage to get this valuable essence in life, and then they live the life of a satisfied human being, with all the positive skills, astounding personality and true moral values.

And it can be concluded that an empty mind is surely turned into an open mind only through the education.

Originally published at on April 9, 2018.



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