With each passing day, human beings are becoming selfish and unkind. There are myriad benefits of being kind which an individual cannot perceive at the moment. The significance of the same gets realized when an individual gets trapped in obstacles.

In this fast-paced world, rejection and isolation are two of the most aching feelings. Such feelings destroy a person both physically and mentally. One of the great tonics to eliminate such hassles is to show kindness to others.

It is rightly said that being kind can accomplish much. The intense heat from the Sun can instantly melt ice. Exactly in…

Nobody’s life passes so smoothly and troubles are the accompaniments in life. It does not seem fascinating to live a life without troubles. The troubles, hardships, sorrows etc. give you a reason to fight back and live life to the fullest.

Living life to the fullest can be considered an art. Everyone is not gifted with this art but it can be developed with persistence and deep understanding. You can experience life to the fullest to perceive how simple it is. For that, you need to adopt the troubles you face and learn how to combat them.

Despite all the…

If you want something in life, nobody is going to hand it out to you! Self-motivation is like oxygen to your dreams; cut the supply and your dream is pretty much dead. That’s the lack of motivation, essentially self-motivation at work.

If you’re a lucky person, you may be surrounded by the people that want you to have that thing with all their hearts, but the best they can do is encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing, occasionally!

For most of your road to success, it’s you and you alone who has to go on tirelessly, no matter…

Poems are a powerful way to express feelings and emotions, and there is no stronger bond or emotion than that of family. Since my childhood, I always valued my family but never found the right words to express my feelings towards them. However, when I came across some intense and profound popular poems on family, I was very moved and wanted to read them out for my family.

Therefore, I want to share the top three popular poems on family that I feel would touch your heart most deeply. Here they are!

Top 3 Popular Poems on Family

1. The Importance of Family by Josephine Zavala-Florez

You have heard many rags to riches stories. Now, we are talking about the inspiring stories of Indian people. Did you know that failure as well as success are both a part and parcel of life? There are many reasons to never give up. We thought of sharing three with you.

But, before you move forward, think of all the great people who never gave up. The list also includes Dhirubhai Ambani. Many years back, he would sell bhajia and now he is the owner of Reliance Industries.

Have you heard of Patricia Narayana? She used to sell pickle in…

Life is tough, and making true friends is tougher. There are times when I step out, and see people surrounded by a bunch of friends.

How do people find these friends? The real question to ask is — Are these people REALLY your friends?

As a person who has very few friends, I can write a thesis on ‘how to spot fake friends.’ Similarly, there are many signs of a strong friendship. But, we will focus on the five signs. These are helpful for spotting a true friend.

Before we move forward, I would love to point out the people…

Mignon McLaughlin talked about hatred leaving ugly scars and love leaving beautiful ones. While she DOES make a valid point, but for me, LOVE does not leave any scars.

If you pass me my dictionary, a scar is not associated with something positive. Perhaps love leaves a beautiful imprint, but not a scar.

Hatred is a strong word, my friend. I have sailed on that boat, and it did not take me to the most wonderful place. Love is beautiful, life is wonderful — where’s the space for hatred?

Here’s something I have for you today — a comprehensive article…

Value of Friendship In Our Life

Having some precious friends in our life is as important as having a heartbeat in a heart. But still, have we understood the value of friendship in our life properly? Probably not, because the meaning of friendship is not as easy as we have made it.

Maybe you are entirely devoted to your friends, but what are your friends able to give you? Everyone knows that it is unnecessary to give or take anything in friendship, but you must still recognize a true friend.

All the friends you have in your life today are necessary for you in many ways.

My heart sinks when I see a lonely teenager sitting in one corner and trying hard to concentrate on the lecture. That’s where I have been! Back in college days, it was good to be a part of the ‘cool’ gang. We would head to the most happening parties together and would share our dirty little secrets too.

Knowing your true friends does not come naturally. There is a process which is quite painful, but necessary.

Learning from Life Lessons

Life teaches you the greatest lessons well in time. Perhaps I learnt it the hard way too! As soon as I was no longer…

Ancient Yogic and Buddhist traditions have always talked about the power of thoughts. But recently, even scientific research is pointing towards the power of positive thinking.

Thoughts have transformative power with immense possibilities and power. According to Gautama Buddha,

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your thoughts, unguarded. But once mastered, no one can help you as much.”

Therefore, the main objective of Yoga and meditation is to control your mind and thoughts.

Our actions are nothing but a manifestation of the thoughts that we generate. …

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